With an eclectic sound and dynamic performance style, it’s hard to fit ASAINT into a categorical box. He has stirred the hearts of Boomers and Millennials alike with his powerful anthems and charismatic stage presence using a variety of artistic expressions including: hip hop, spoken word, and soulful acoustic rhythms.

Brockne “Brock” Jones grew up in the small, East Texas town of Pittsburg. Although he was surrounded by loving family and friends, financial struggles and family turmoil cast a dark shadow over his childhood and adolescent years. To escape the monotonous country life, Brock bypassed a few local college football opportunities to attend Prairie View A&M University. From his freshman year in 2003, Brock began to lose his identity in the allure of the party life. Fast life and fast money left a trail of tears and ended with a brief jail visit. By the end of 2010, Brock had reached his breaking point and began to desire a life of purpose, transformation, and maturity. During this pivotal time at the age of 25 God revealed Himself and the incredible plan He had for Brock’s life which resulted in a mentality shift and a passion that catapulted ASAINT music into existence!

Feeling led to pull away and grow mentally and artistically ASAINT took a brief hiatus from writing hip hop to focus on learning acoustic guitar and worship leading in 2014. ASAINT began to evolve as an artist as well as a humanitarian with the launch of his non profit organization The Transformus Movement. In April 2015, ASAINT returned to hip hop to record and released his second project The Untitled Mixtape, which showcased his personal growth, versatility and lyrical prowess that increased during his time away. This Project lead to various concert opportunities both nationally and internationally. Following this momentum ASAINT released the highly anticipated EP Freedom which stayed true to his Hip-hop roots but pushed the envelope with live instrumentation and storytelling to express his thoughts on his personal struggles, freedoms, culture, and socially relevant issues. This highly anticipated third project marks he evolution of Asaint as a man, artist, and band leader as he formed the five piece band “Asaint Music” performing in places The House of Blues, award winning Klyde Warren Park, and more.

The love of God has truly ignited a fire in ASAINT which continues to compel him to share his life experiences both on and off the platform. He has shared the stage with a variety of renown artists such as Bizzle, Seventh Day Slumber, Disciple, Manic Drive, Consumed by Fire and more! ASAINT has been able to travel across the globe, releasing a “sound that illuminates” nationally in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Pennsylvania and internationally in South Korea, Honduras, and the Philippines. His music has also reached people worldwide via internet radio and digital streaming sites. Brock Jones aka ASAINT is committed to using his influence as an artist, founder of the TransformUs Movement, and follower of Jesus to deliver quality culturally relevant music infused with hope to a world that yearns for change.