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With an eclectic sound and dynamic performance style, it’s hard to fit Brock Jones aka “ASAINT” into a categorical box. Hip hop, rock, spoken word, neo-soul anthems and acoustic-driven ballads describe the versatility in his music. For the past 6 years ASAINT has blazed a trail across the globe releasing a sound that illuminates from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast and as far as East Africa to South East Asia. He has shared the stage with Hip Hop artist Bizzle, Eshon Burgundy, R&B Soul artist Leon Timbo, award winning rock and pop artist Seventh Day Slumber, Disciple, Manic Drive, Consumed by Fire, and more. He is committed to using his influence as an artist to deliver powerful conscious music to a world that yearns for change.




Beautiful Testimony






Whether solo or with the full band, ASAINT is sure to captivate any audience! If you’re interested in booking ASAINT for a hip hop set, rock set, acoustic set, or speaking engagement, please contact Janee Baptiste at (469) 899-8010 or For more info, please visit


ASAINT Live Promo Video

Long Live The Rebellion Tour Recap Irving Tx 10/6/2017

Asaint Live “Freedom” (Acoustic Version) 5/26/2017


“ASAINT is a gifted lyricist, a dedicated family man, and a strong man of faith… a combination that has served him well throughout the course of his music ministry, impacting and inspiring the world.”

Grammy Award Winning Engineer | Producer |

“The first time I heard ASAINT’s music I remember being crazy excited about his unique blend of great beats, vocals and a Christ-centered message. I’ve served with Brock and his beautiful wife and witnessed first-hand their hearts for impacting people and culture. ASAINT’s music is relevant and timely, audiences everywhere are waiting for this new sound.”

Genie Rodriguez-Lopez
M.C. GeeGee
Hip Hip & Spoken word Artist
2015 Legacy Conference Recipient on behalf of her brother, Christian Hip Hop Pioneer Danny "D Boy" Rodriguez

“Brock Jones is a minstrel that is transparent, authentic and anointed. His music and ministry will transform a lifeless atmosphere from mundane to electrifying.”

Phea Kennedy
Owner of
And Life Through Art Venue

“I have been a DJ for over 30 years and when I heard Asaint’s music, I knew it was something different. His music appeals to old-school fans of Christian Hip Hip as well as the new. If you’re seeking quality music with a message, this guy has it!”

Joe Lopez
Former DJ for K104 Dallas, KNON Dallas, UrbanDrama Radio
Mobile DJ and Club DJ